Welcome to the website of the greatest personal achievement in my life so far, Hotel Notting Hill. Please let me introduce myself; My name is Monsieur Notting Hill, and for as long as I can remember, I have been travelling the entire world, just me and my two suitcases. My travelling spirit manifested very early in life, growing up in a family where the art of travelling and the mystery of discovering were always considered to be the greatest privilege of being a human being. My father, his father and some more fathers before him all sailed the great seas of the world for a living, and often took me with him to open up my world outside our small town in the west of France. My mother was a well-known artist, travelling the globe constantly to spark her inspiration and imagination, often taking me with her to far away, exotic places. So, when I was finally old enough to spread my own wings, I packed my two suitcases and set out with just one mission: visit as many places as possible in each country of the world!

And so I did. Not once. Not twice. I have visited every country on the earth three times, learning every language there is to know, eating every local dish and delicacy I came across and learning about each and every culture and nationality on the globe. I have spoken, laughed and cried with the people of the world, moving my suitcases from town to town, city to city, country to country. Until that one, special day, in the summer of 2012. On this day, I reached a very special, almost mysterious neighbourhood in an equally special and mysterious city. It was hard to describe to myself, but this immediately felt like the right place, the one and only place, to drastically change my lifestyle as I knew it and maybe, just maybe, finally touch down, for good!

And so I did. And so here I am. Out of all the places I’ve been, the neighbourhood they call ‘De Pijp’, right here next to the city centre of one of the most unique places on the planet, Amsterdam, Holland, continues to amaze me everyday, in so many ways. The huge variety of people, for one, is unheard of, even for a multicultural city like Amsterdam. Old, young, extravagant, simple, hip, regular, rich or middle-class, everyone here has one quality in common: super-friendly and accessible. Shopping in this area is a true experience, with authentic and local threads and the freshest of homemade foods in adundance. The people of The Pijp are very found of the real deal; just wander the area for the splendid selection of restaurants and experience the finest of cuisines, offering menus from the Marrocan villages via the Mongolian mountains to the Italian hills and everything inbetween. The atmosphere and vibe here are simply brilliant, the vibrant liveliness on the street is so contagious, you will never want to leave! And that’s why I had to start my own hotel. Right here, in the middle of the heart of Amsterdam.

And so I did. Here, in the middle of Amsterdam, I have not just found my own home, but I have opened my doors to guests from all over the world to enjoy Amsterdam with me. So please, come and visit me in my stylish designed boutique hotel, where all the major must-do’s of this beautiful and unique city are on a short walking distance. Discover my favorite neighbourhood The Pijp, and soak up the soul of the city. I am more than thrilled to welcome you in Hotel Notting Hill, and convince you why this is my favorite place in the world!

Kind regards,

Monsier Notting Hill